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Coffee Tables

This page contains several Coffee Tables made by Strictly Mission in both the Mission and Prairie Style.  All desks are made to our customers specification so, if you see one you like call and place an order.  If you don't see one you like, call us with your specifications and we will work up a price.

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Mixed Media Coffee Table: Birch and Walnut

This coffee table was made to go with a sectional sofa made from the same materials a year earlier.  The sofa can be seen on our New Chairs Page as the Prairie Sectional Settle.  A matching end table is also available and is shown on the New End Table page.

2015 Price $1,715.00

The top is 32" by 24", it is 18" high.

Remember:  We make the furniture you want to buy, you are not restained to buy what we want to make!

The top, sides, legs and drawer fronts are birch stained dark wine cherry.  The drawers solid red oak with a birch faced 1/4" plywood bottom.  The drawer pulls are period pieces of unknown origin.

As is seen above the four boards of the top are splined, the mortise and tenon joints are pegged with walnut pegs



Round Coffee Table

Shown on the right is a 36" diameter coffee table with arched stretchers and keyed thru tenons.  The legs are at a 10 degree angle off the verticle with the ends of the stretchers thru tenons even with the outside edgeof the top.  The top is 1-1/16" thick with full length splines, as are the legs.  The arched stretchers are a full 1" thick, with 1" square keys.  All materials are quartersawn white oak.  You can order this table in any diameter you like.  The most popular sizes are 36" diameter and 42" diameter.  Below are prices for four typical sizes.

36" Diameter:  $1,450.00  (2015)

40" Diameter:  $1,626.00 (2015)

42" Diameter:  $1,725.00  (2015)

48" Diameter:  $1,950.00  (2015)

This table is shown with a shellac finish over a stain similar to Stickley's Fayettville to match an existing Stickley dining room set in Fayettville.

This table is 40" in diameter, stained to match the sample the customer provided that is sitting on the table.  Below is a photo of the under side of the keyed tenon. 

  This view is looking at the underside of the keyed tenon, i.e., the bottom of the leg, showing a dowel that goes into the through tenon in front of the key to prevent the end of the tenon from tearing out along the grain.



The photo above shows the crossed stretchers with the "figure 8's" that are part of the attachment structure for the top.

End Table:  The end table has a single drawer, a full width shelf, and slats on the ends.  The drawer has two pyramid wood pulls.  The overall dimensions are 26" wide, 22" deep and 28" high.  $895.00 (20015)

A set of three tables, an end table, a console table, and a coffee table. All materials are quartersawn white oak with a golden oak water based aniline dye with a waxed clear shellac finish.

Coffee Table:  The coffee table also has a single drawer, a full width shelf and slats on the ends.  The drawer has two pyramid wood pulls.  The overall dimensions are 36" long, 24" wide and 18" high. $1,259.00 (2015)

Console Table:  The console table has two drawers, slats on the ends and a shelf.  EAch drawer has two pyramid wood pulls.  The overall dimensions are 48" long, 15" wide and 34" high.  $1,295.00 (2015)

Glass Top Coffee Tables

This glass top coffee table (right, top) is 48" long, 30" wide and 18" tall.  The sides have Stickley drawer pulls and hinge down for access to the interior.  Solid white oak, fully pegged mortise and tenon construction with slats on the ends and corbels at each corner. 

$1,450.00  in Quartersawn White Oak (2015) 

Immediately below, this table was made in 2009 to incorporate the display case top already owned by the woman for whom the table was made.  It is 50" by 46" and 18" high.

There is a slatted shelf about 8" above the floor and a solid shelf just 2" below the glass top for displaying the owners collection of post cards.

2009 price $1,350 (not including owners cost for the old top).

The coffee table (right, bottom) was made as a companion piece to the Hall Table above.  It is 48" square by 18" high and has a decorative slat work around all four sides below the apron.  The corner joints in the top are mortise and tenon with double pegs in the joints.  The apron is joined to the legs with pegged mortise and tenon joinery also. 

$1,545.00 stained with tempered glass. (2015 price)

And yet another 36" square by 18" high.  2015 price $1,380.00.



Octagonal Tabouret

This tabouret is similar to the L&JG Stickley model #559.  The table top is pegged to the four legs and the legs are pegged to the thru tenons of the stretchers.  The stretchers are lap jointed where they cross and pegged from the underside. 

The top is 18" across and it stands 22" high. 

$600.00 plus shipping.  (2015 price)

Two End Tables and Coffee Table in Cherry

Each table has a shelf and slats on the ends of the coffee table and sides of the end tables.  Made from solid Pennsylvanian Cherry with a clear finish.  Pegged mortise and tenon construction. (2015 prices)

End Table: $665.00  No drawer, full width shelf and slats on the sides.  Unstained.

Coffee Table:  $865.00  No drawer, full width shelf and slats on the ends.  Unstained.


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