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This page contains several desks made by Strictly Mission in both the Mission and Prairie Style.  All desks are made to our customers specification so, if you see one you like call and place an order.  If you don't see one you like, call us with your specifications and we will work up a price.

Office and Computer Desks

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Conference Table
This conference table was made for Judge Gerald McHugh of the US District Court in Philadelphia
The table is 10' long by 4' wide and 30" high.  It is in the Prairie Style with a 1-1/16" thick top and 4" square legs


The top is six boards wide, 4 are 7-1/4" wide and two are 9-1/2" wide.  The slats on either end are 6-11/16" wide with 5/8" square spindles and 3/4" spaces. A similarly spaced spine runs down the center-line from end to end having a total of 6 slats and 21 spindles.  It comes in 4 pieces, the two ends, the center section and the top.  All together I estimate it weighs a about 300 pounds.  Solid quartersawn white oak in a stain similar to Onondaga.

$6,200.00 (2015 price)

Solid Walnut Desk

$3,500.00 (2008 price)

This is a custom desk and matching coffee table designed by the owner for the New York City's CEO's office of a Lehigh Valley's publishing company.

The desk is 36" deep and 60" wide,  by 27" high, and the coffee table is 24" deep and 48" wide.  It is constructed of two layers of 1-1/2" thick solid walnut splined together in 3" thick slabs.  The 'legs' are also 3" thick while the shelf is just one 1-1/2" thick slab.  In addition to the splines that connect the 'legs' to the top there are also lag bolts through the top into the 'legs' which are then hidden by the butterflies (aka bowties) in the top.

This is the double spline joint between the top and the 'leg' of both the desk and coffee table.


24" by 48" Coffee Table, 18" high:  $2,350.00 (2008 price)

In addition to the splines connecting the top to the legs it is also connected with 3 lag bolts on each end (2 on each end in the coffee table)

The bolt is then covered with a butterfly ( bowtie), stained and finished.

This desk is larger than its counterpart to the right but very similar in design.  The top  is 60" side by 36" deep.  The drawer on the left is a standard pencil drawer but the drawer on the right is a keyboard tray.

This desk is priced at $1,525.00 (2010 price) including Stickley drawer pulls.


Computer Desks

The top of the desk below is 46" wide and 24" deep.  The desk  top is 30" high and the keyboard tray is at 26-1/2".  Made of quartersawn white oak with a dark golden oak stain.  As shown this desk is $975.00 (2010 price) From the front the keyboard tray looks like a drawer but the front drops down to lay flush with the drawer bottom. 


Office Desk with through tenon Legs and Walnut Inlay

This desk incorporates elements not found on other desks.  The "through tenon" look of the legs standing proud of the top are false.  Had we brought the legs up through the top we run the risk of the top splitting should there be any significant shrinkage in the width of the top.  Quartersawn oak can expand or contarct about 1/4%, or up to 1/8 inch for a 36" wide table.  If the top was fixed in position by the legs this 1/8" shrinkage would manifest itself as a crack.  We don't want that.

The desk is 36" wide, 66" long and 29" high. All four aprons have a slight arch, about 1-1/4" thinner in the center than the ends.

Because the front two legs will be sitting on a rug and the back legs on a wood floor, the legs are fitted with adjustable pads.

As shown with walnut inlay, $2,225.  Without inlay, $1,750.  (2010 price)


Prairie Style Desk with center bridge with alternating slats and spindles.  Top is 72" long by 42" wide and 1-1/16" thick.

Two views of the end of the desk.

Close up showing detail of the alternation slats and spindles in the center bridge.  This desk can also be built with the bridge extending across between the back legs rather than along the centerline

Prairie Style Desk  This desk was made as a companion piece for the chair, end table, computer table and slant arm morris chair also shown on this page.

All desks are 30" high unless otherwise noted.

As shown in the 72" by 42" size:   $3,950.00 (2005 price)

Detail of leg with dark banding and "foot"

Front view with top removed showing the "figure 8's" for attaching the top to the base.

Computer Table

This table is 18" deep by 48" long and 29" high.  It was designed for use with a lap top so no need for a CPU or large monitor.  The right side drawer is only 11" deep and the other is 15" deep.  There is a power strip mounted behind the right drawer for charging cell phones, etc., in the right drawer and the lap top in the left.

All materials are quartersawn white oak with a golden oak stain two coats of brushed on clear shellac and a light oak wax.

$1,250.00 (2009 price)  Price includes installed power cord.

This is the left end.
The top is splined, the apron is double pegged and the stretcher is single pegged.

This is a close up of the right end.

The back apron is also double pegged, the stretcher is also pegged.

Right End

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