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STRICTLY MISSIoN carries a variety of Arts & Crafts style stencils including the Dard Hunter Rose.  Besides stencils we also have brushes, paints, adhesive and brush cleaner.  Once you have picked the stencil you like best, select the set of colors appropriate to your decor.  Then call us toll free at 866-647-7466 to place your order, including, if you need them, 4 brushes, cleaner, brush scrubber and adhesive (media kit).  If we don't have the colors you like you will find a wide assortment of appropriate paints at your local crafts store like Micheals.  We ship every Tuesday and Friday via the US Mail.  See Postage rates at the bottom of the page.

Petite Stencils ~ Although these designs average only one to two inches in height, they can be used in a variety of ways. Table runners and other linens may first come to mind, but these designs could have originally been used for accenting frames, women's accessories and other smaller decorative items. You may also consider this size for panel work or to enhance crown molding.

Small Stencils ~ This group of designs work well in areas where a smaller design is needed. Suitable for stenciling window curtains and larger table linens, these designs also work well for creating ceiling panels. Another excellent use for this size of stencil is to accent crown molding or run it continuously around a room with lower ceilings.

Medium Stencils ~ The most versatile size of stencils, these designs work as well for eight-foot ceilings and larger curtains, as they do for filling smaller frieze areas. Another good option is to run them above or below picture rails in bedrooms, or any room where wood is the only treatment on the walls.

Large Stencils ~ Larger rooms, especially ones with high ceilings, are perfect environments for bigger designs. Portieres, either in conjunction with - or as stand alone applications - are also beautiful ways to bring these designs to life. If one of these designs is desired and you have a small room in mind, consider stenciling one dominant wall or applying more muted and softer colors.
Oak Park
#2040:  6" x 12.5" repeat;  $40.00
Rose & Bellflower
#1077:  6.75" x 16" repeat; $45.00
#1070:  9" x 22" repeat; $52.00
#6020:  3" x 19.5" repeat;  $35.00
#2031:  1.25" x 13" repeat; $28.50
#2032:  2.5" x 19" repeat; $35.00
#2035:  5" x 26" repeat; #40.00
Como Run
#5030: 2.5" x 15.75" repeat; $28.50
#5036: 6" x 25.5" repeat; $35.00


Como Square
#5020:  14.75" x 10.75" repeat; $40.00

#3065:  5" x 18" repeat; $38.50
#3067: 7" x 20.25" repeat; $42.00
#3069:  9" x 9" x 19.75" repeat; 445.00
#3020: 13.5" x 16" repeat;  $48.50
#5010:  10.5" x 18" repeat; $45.00
Jean Marie
#6030:  6" x 21"; $35.00
Stickley Cattail
#7015: 5.5" x 15.75"; $38.50 
#7017: 7.25" x 14"; $42.00
#7019: 9" x 17.5"; $45.00
#3050: 5.5" x 24.25"; $38.50


A Grand collection that radiates warmth.

Includes one stick of each:
Olive Green, Barn Red, Yellow Ochre & Navy Blue


Like Shooting stars, a colleciton of our iridescents.

Includes one stick of each:
Gold, Copper, Silver & Blender to make our regular colors shine. 


Reminiscent of the ocean at twilight.

Includes one stick of each: 
Celadon Green, Prussian Blue, Turquoise & Mauve


Envision conifers nestled along a river.

Includes one stick of each:
Sap Green, Burnt Umber, Sandstone & Phthalo Blue

Starter Kit
Add the Paintstik® colors of your choice and a stencil and you are ready to begin. 

 Starter Kit: $49.50 

Kit includes four professional quality China bristle brushes (3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1"), brush cleaner, brush scrubber and stencil adhesive. 

Stencil Adhesive: $6.50 

Shipping and Handling Charges:
            $25.00 and under        $5.50
            25.01 - 50.00               $6.25
            50.01 to 100.00           $7.00
            100.01 & over            $8.50

Showroom: 797-8640 or toll free at 866-MISSION; Workshop 610-797-8640
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