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Television Cabinets

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This page features a number of cabinets that are designed to either have a television sit on it, raise up out of it, or have the TV mounted on a wall above it.

It is shown here with he two doors slid to the center exposing the storage areas.  There is a hole in the back panel above each shelf.  There are anothe two hloes in the back in the area of the lift for power cords and other cables.

This photo was taken in the shop and shows the holes in the back panel.

The photo below is a smaller cabinet currently in production. It is 28" high by 18" deep but only 68" long.

Yates TV Cabinet with Nexus 21 Lift


The cabinet above was delivered on 2/7/2014 and is a smaller version of the cabinet described below and to the left.  It is 64" long, 28" high and 18" deep. Although smaller than the other cabinet it was the same price due to an increase in the cost of the lift system and materials. 

TV Cabinet with Internal Lift.

This cabinet is 80" long, 28" high and 17' deep.  Behind the doors are storage shelves about 12" wide.  The lift mechanism is a NEXUS 21 which is designed to handle a 42" flat screen TV. 

The following three photos show the lift in a variety of position.  It takes the lift about 12 to 15 seconds to cylce through its lift sequence.

As shown this cabinet is $7500.00 with the lift installed. 2009 price.

A video clip of the cabinet lift mechanism going through a complete cycle can be seen by following this link:   TV Lift


The four horizontal 'rails' are 3" square quadralinear post construction with solid cores and end caps.  Quadralinear posts are made from four pieces of quartersawn oak using a lock miter joint so all four faces are quartersawn oak and there are no edge joints or flat sawn faces.

Television Cabinet 1

This piece was designed to fit into a corner, hence the trapezoidal shaped top.  It is 42" wide across the top, the top is a total of 27" deep, 18" of rectangle and 9" in the trapezoid.  The top is splined, all joints are pinned mortise and tenon joinery.  The doors have glass in them so components stored inside can be operated with their remotes without opening the doors.

The interior has two shelves whose spacing can be adjusted over the entire range of interior height.

And now it is home with a new flat screen TV to hold it down. 

Here's a similar sized cabinet in walnut with a rectangular top for $1,350.00


As shown:  $1,425.00 (2009 price)

$1,350.00   With an 18" wide by 42" retangular top (see bottom photo on the left)

A larger version with 4 doors, two glass and two wood with a top 60" by 18" is $1,850.00


As shown this cabinet is $1,725.00 (2009 price)


Television Cabinet 2

Somewhat larger than the cabinet above, this cabinet has two center doors with glass and two end doors with wood panels.  The cabinet is 61" long, 18" wide and 24" high.  The stain is golden oak in a clear shellac finish.

This photo was taken before the holes were drilled in the back to accommodate wires from the TV to components inside.

All custom furniture is made to order. If you see something you like but the dimensions are just not right for you, call me at the number below for pricing.

Contact me at either 610-797-8640 or toll free at 866-MISSION

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