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Beds and Bedroom Furniture

Beds are made in 8 sizes:  Cradle, Crib, Youth, Single (also called twin), Double, Queen, King and California King.  Shown below are several examples. 

Adult beds can be ordered without a footboard, just a short rail similar to the side rails, or just a headboard.

Adult beds come with 3" to 4" wide slats (width of slats depends on number desired, spacing and bed size).

 Children's beds come with a solid panel to support the mattress.   
Pricing is based on quadralinear construction for the posts. 
Beds may be ordered in Quartersawn Oak, Cherry, Mahogany or any other furniture grade material and in any stain color.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for dressers and bedside tables, night stands.

Slat Style Cradle


Stickley Style Spindle Crib
This crib is modeled after the Stickley Spindle Crib which is no longer in production.  The ends and rails contain a total of 96 - 3/4" square spindles.  Crib takes a standard size crib mattress and incorporates the best quality all metal hardware available in addition to clear plastic covers for the rails. 
$2,100.00 picked up at our shop 
$2,350.00 shipped anywhere in the contiguous 48 states 

The crib above has sides that do not raise or lower.  It is no longer legal to sell commercially a crib with moveable sides.

"Fayetville" Stain with shelac finish.

"Craftsman" Stain with shellac finish.

Mission Style Toddler Bed

Fits all crib mattress, comes with 2 Removable side rails.
(note the little boy is my grandson, Nicholas.)


Prairie Style Bed

Shown to the right is just the footboard for a Prairie style bed in solid quartersawn white oak.  This was made as part of a king size bed and stands 36" high.  Accompanying headboards are made to any height, customarily about 60" to 66" high.  All king size beds come with 2 outer rails and a center rail with a "fifth" leg.  The post legs are 3-3/4" square and quadralinear post construction (all four faces are quartersawn oak with a lock-miter joint) with a solid core.  The stretchers between the legs are joined to the leg with mortise and tenon joint with a 2" long by 3" wide tenon and two 3/8" diameter pegs. 

Twin:                          $3,275.00
Queen Size:              $3,960.00 
King Size:                 $4,380.00 
California King:         $4,560.00


This is a pair of twin beds destined for the Kelley cabin on Lake George.
Note the wider slat in the headboard and footboard along with the pyramid cap on the legs rather than the flat cap on the king size.  These beds were designed by Stu Kelley.

King size bed with third support rail in the center.  Natural Cherry with a clear finish. 

3/4" square spindles with 3/4" space.  Add 10% to listed price.

See Queen Size pricing below. 
Queen size bed with a flat crest rail in a stain similar to Stickley's Centennial. 

King Size:
Flat Crest Rail:  Oak or Mahogany - $2,840.  Cherry - $2,950
Arched Crest Rail:  Oak or Mahogany - $3,040.  Cherry - $3,150
2009 pricing


King size in oak with arched head and foot boards.

Headboard Only - $1,550.00
Six slat king size bed without a footboard - $2,050.00 
(As Shown Above)
With a matching six slat footboard - $2,580.00
Panel Style Bed

Shown to the left is the headboard for a panel style bed.  This is for a double bed and is 48" high by 59-1/2" wide.  Prices for beds of this style are 10% less than the spindle style beds with flat headboards.  A complete bed consists of a headboard, a footboard (typically 24" to 28" high), two 6" wide rails and 4 bed slats. 

A complete bed in a Queen, Three Quarter, or  Double size in quartersawn white oak is $2,410.00 unstained or $2,555 stained


Slat Style Bed

Also a double size bed (at right) and Queen size (below) but in the footboard height of 36" high and 59-1/2" wide. 

Pricing for the slat style beds is approximately 9% lower than the spindle beds. 

A complete bed in a in Double, Three Quarter or Queen size in quartersawn white oak, with quadralinear post legs, unstained is:  $2,295, stained $2,430.

Natural White Oak with clear finish. 
As shown in flat sawn oak, pricing for quartersawn oak.

3/4" square spindles with 1-1/2" spacing and steam bent top.

Queen Size Oak Bed Frame

Flat Crest Rail:  Oak and Mahogany - $2,525:  Cherry - $2,625.
Arched Crest Rail:  Oak & Mahogany - 2,725:  Cherry - $2,900.

Add 6% for staining.

This version has 3/4" spindles with 3/4" spacing and a 5-1/4" wide slat in the center.  The headboard looks a little darker than the footboard due to the position of the sun.  Light golden oak stain.

Tall Chest

This chest is made from solid quarterawn white oak (except for the drawer bottoms and back panel) with square pyramid knobs and under mount wood drawer slides. 

It has walnut inlay in the top of the legs and in the lower stretchers in the front and the sides.
It is 53" tall by 52' wide and 20" deep.

$3475.00 (2017 price)

This is the companion dresser to the tall chest shown to the left.  It is 44" high by 72" wide and 20" deep.  It has walnut inlay in the top of the legs and in the lower stretchers in the front and the sides.

$3475.00 (2017 price)

The mirror above the dresser was intended to hang on the wall above the dresser but that made it too high for my customer, so on a subsequent trip I mounted it so it is resting on the top of the dresser.  It has the same inlay pattern on the stiles as the dressers and night stand.  The dimensions of the mirror frame are 35" high by 48" wide by 2-1/2" deep (due to the wide cap across the top).

$525 (2017 price)
Dresser, End Table and Chest Inlays

The photos below are the best at showing the walnut inlay in the legs, front apron and lower side aprons of these three pieces.  These photos were taken before the pieces were stained so the contrast is the greatest.


AAt the time I took these photos I wasn't planning on using them to illustrate the inlay pattern, hence the clamps were not positioned to allow for the best visibility of the inlay.

As you can see, this is real walnut inlay, not a painted in recess made to look like inlay.
Queen Size Bed

Queen Size
This is the Queen Size bed that was made to go with the dressers shown above.  This is a slat bed with a pyramid peak crest rail on the headboard and footboard.  The side rails are 7" wide and made from 5/4 quartersawn white oak.  The cleat on the inside or the rail has two positions to allow for raising and lowering the height of the mattress.

$3,415 (2017 price)

End Table

This photo was taken in the shop before the drawer front were permanently attached or the drawer knobs were installed   It is 30" high, 34" wide and 18" deep.  As with the other pieces it has the same walnut inlay pattern and is all quarterawn white oak.

$1,650.00 (2017 price)

Headboards only are available at 60% of the cost of a complete bed.
Headboards with rails and "footrail" with short post legs available at 80%.

Showroom: 610-797-8640 or toll free at 866-MISSION

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