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Media and Entertainment Centers
Shown below are two entertainment centers and one computer center. Each piece is made to the customer specifications so you are assured of getting what you want, the features you want, the materials you want, in the color you want and in the finish you want.  Why buy what the other fellow wants to build when for about the same price you can get what you want made to last.  Don't settle for anything less unless you don't want the best.


Computer Center

This computer center closes up to enclose all the components into one neat package that shows very nicely in any room.  As shown it is 52" wide and 81" high. The unit is 24" deep and the doors wrap around the side out of the way.   The six recessed lights pull out to provide extra light over the pull out desk top.  A 22" deep desk top pulls from the right side above the printer tray with an  additional keyboard shelf suspended from the desk top (see photo below).  The three drawers on the left include a file drawer.  The two 18" wide shelves in the top section include 8 - 12" deep "cubby holes".  The space behind the cubby holes contains the switches for the lighting and provides an additional secret storage space. 

The back panels are quartersawn veneered oak plywood.  Everything else is solid quartersawn white oak.  Desk top, keyboard and drawer slides are rated  at 100 lbs, the file drawer hardware is rated at 200 lbs.  Levelers are included and accessible from inside the cabinet. 

$5,950 (includes delivery on units under 48" wide within 50 miles of Bethlehem)  (2011 Price)
Additional delivery charges for units wider than 48" of approximately $150.) 


Chair available at additional cost.


Computer Desk ala Stickley


  Our latest desk in this series is a computer desk modeled after a piece by L&JG Stickley.  Three drawers on the left, a keyboard tray in the middle and single shelf on the left behind a door.  The top has a shelf with three dividers between two doors and a shelf behind each door.

Each unit is customized for the client, so call us at 866-MISSION with your desired dimensions for a quote.

2011 Price:   $4,250.00

All solid quartersawn white oak stained similar to Stickley's Fayettefille.

Also available in other hardwoods and stains.

Entertainment Center

A large entertainment center with flipper doors on top and hinged doors on the bottom.  This unit is 72" tall and over 60" wide.  The top doors retract into the cabinet revealing a shelf hung from the top for a VCR or cable box.  Adjustable shelves behind the lower doors give ample space for stereo components or storage.  Butterflies in the door and side panel joints and Stickley copper pulls add to the overall mission  styling of this piece. 

$3,900.00 and up

Entertainment Center

This unit is 54" high and 37" wide with a shelf above the TV for a VCR or cable box and a space below for a stacked stereo system.  The drawer is full size and will store tapes and CDs.  The doors slide inside for an unobstructed view of the TV from any angle. 

$3,150.00  2011 Price 

Entertainment Center with Bi-Fold Doors

Because of limited space (set close to a wall on the right and a fireplace on the lsft) this unit was designed with doors that fold in half when opened yet fold flat against the sides.  The top half lifts off for moving and setup 

The  top portion has a shelf above the TV for VCR, DVD or digital cable box. 

The bottom portions also has bi-fold doors and seperate moveable shelves on  each side. 


$5,450.00 with standard doors (fold flat against the sides).

Options include:  Bi-fold doors, "Flipper Doors", Drawers instead of doors in lower section.  For todays HD TVs the TV section would be shorter in height with more height in the lower section.

Entertainment Center, 2 Display Cabinets and Stereo Cabinet

This is a four piece set designed to fit together as a single unit or to stand apart as single pieces. 

The centerpiece is the TV cabinet which stands 67" high and 42" wide (not inlucding the overhang of the top), by 24" deep. It has two drawers, one under the doors and one behind the doors. The TV  sits on a shelf that pulls out and pivots side to side.  Above the TV is a shelf for a VCR or DVD player. The  doors open and slide into the cabinet (flipper doors) for unobstructed viewing.  Or pull out the TV shelf and turn it to the side.  Especially nice if the cabinet sits in a corner. 

Each display cabinet is 62" high and 24" wide by 16" deep.  The door has 7 pieces of glass, 3 over 3 over 1.  True mullins in the door.  This particular unit has one fixed shelf and two movable shelves. 

The stereo cabinet also has flipper doors that fold inside.  The three shelves pull out for access to the back of the components and a bottom drawer.  It is 55" high, 24" wide and 16" deep. 

TV Center:                     $3,250.00
Display Cabinet:            $2,150.00
Stereo Cabinet:              $1,950.00

Click here for additional photos


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