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We have several styles of chairs that can be ordered just as they are shown below, or call us with a description of the chair you are looking for and we will provide you with a quote.
All of our new furniture is made to order.  Our lead time usually runs 10 to 12  weeks.

The two arm chairs below are slightly different is size to accommodate the customers desires.  Let me know how much extra those guys in NY want for that type of attention to the customer.  All part of our service at no additional charge. 
Mission Style Spindle Dining Chair

Similar to the Stickley spindle dining chair, this arm chair also incorporates the walnut inlay on the front of the legs found in many Limbert designs.  Our design also incorporates a more comfortable back design than many straight backed chairs. All structural joints are pegged mortise and tenon joinery.

49" high, 17" seat height, 27" arm height, seat 21" wide across the front and taper to 19" across the back (side chairs are 3" narrower), by 18" deep.  Dimensions may be adjusted to fit your individual taste, including the degree to which the back is angled.

Arm Chair:  $1,075.00 with walnut inlay, $925.00 without inlay.
Side Chair:  $   900.00 with walnut inlay, $750.00 without inlay.

Chairs come with seats covered in twill, or we will cover in your fabric for $15 per chair.  Leather seats available at extra cost.
Prairie Style Settle

This settle was commissioned by a customer who wanted a matching three seat settle for an existing two seat piece.  A three seat settle from the company that made the two seat piece (Michael's) was no longer available.  Using the two seat settle as a guide we made this piece as an exact replica except that ours has three 24" wide cushions.  The leather covering the cushions is also an exact match.

  New three seat settle.

Existing two seat settle by Michael's.

Material of construction is 100% quartersawn white oak.  Arms are made from a single 7" wide board (not glued up 1" to 2" strips like the original). 
Structural joints are all pegged  mortise and tenon joints.  All spindles are 3/4" square with 3/4" space.

All pricing is from 2003

Three seat settle:
The three seat settle comes with three (3) wood frame seat cushions, three (3) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.

With leather cushions as shown:  $4,850.00  (add $200 for dark chocolate brown leather)

With fabric covered cushions (customer supplies fabric):  $3,800.00

Two seat settle (Loveseat):
The two seat settle comes with two (2) wood frame seat cushions, two (2) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.

Two seat version in leather:  $3,850.00 (add $150 for dark chocolate brown leather)

Two seat version in your fabric:  $3,150.00

Chair:   See bottom of page for a view of the chair without arm pillows or back cushion.

The chair comes with one (1) frame seat cushions, one (1) tapered back cushions and two (2) arm pillow style cushions.

In leather - $2900.00 (add $100 for dark chocolate brown leather); in your fabric - $2,550.00 

All photos above are of the new settle.

Call us at 866-MISSION for special pricing on two or more pieces.

A complete set including a three seat settle, a loveseat and 2 arm chairs in leather:  $12,495.00 (add $400 for dark chocolate brown leather).  In your fabric - $9,995.00.

This is similar to the settle above in a microfiber fabric.  The maching cube chair is shown below without the side and back cushions.


Sectional Prairie Settle

This is a two piece settle in the Prairie Style.  The long side (left) was 95" with a short side of 82" with arms of 36-1/2".  The seating areas measure about 11" shorter than the above dimensions with a seating depth of 28".

The frame is birch with a wine cherry stain.  The spindles under the arms are walnut with a medium walnut stain to enhance the contrast.

The settle comes apart in the corner for shipping in two pieces.  There is a 3/4" thick support for the seat cushions that is in 3 pieces, two are permanently attached to the frame and one for the corner that just drops in once the two sections are attached to each other.

The fabrics are by Archive Edition, a company located in California for whom we are a distributor.

$7,050.00  (2008 price):  As shown with cushions (2 seat, 8 throw, and 3 bolsters) in your fabric.  With this fabric:  $9,250.00

Call for pricing in leather.




This sectional was recently delivered to a new customer.  It was designed to sit in part of a bay window.  The left hand side sits against the center window, and the center seat against the window to the right.  The angle between the left and right sections and the center section is different.  One is 145 degrees and the other is 125 degrees.

$6,900.00  2008 price not including the fabric.



Bow Arm Settles

We were commissioned to make two settles, a three seat and a two seat, to match a recently acquired Stickley bow arm morris chair in Fayettville stain. 

Both settles are made from solid quartersawn white oak, the arms were steam bent, not cut from a thick piece. Every joint is mortise and tenon with a 3/8" peg with the exception of the slats.

The front legs are mortised through the arms and pegged from the inside edge.  The front and back seat aprons are straight but the side aprons are arched like the morris chair.  All four aprons are double pegged.

The seat platform is 3/4" plywood with a 1/4" foam pad covered in a solid color matched fabric.  We use fabric that is a shade or two darker than the cushion fabric so it is unobtrusive visually since it will show a bit around the edges of the cushions.  In addition to not showing it provides a surface that will not wear the underside of the cushions.

Three seat settle:  $3,950.00 exclusive of fabric or leather.

Two seat settle:  $3,250.00 exclusive of fabric or leather.

We have a large selection of fabric from both William Morris Fabrics and Archive Edition and over 100 types and colors of leather, or supply your own.  The three seat settle requires 10 yards of fabric or three full hides of leather.  The requirements for the two seat settle are 7 yards or two full hides.   (2007 pricing)



Mission Slat Back Dining Chairs

Similar to the spindle back chairs, but with three slats in place of the spindles, and with the small square walnut inlays in the back crest rail.  The side chairs are 44" tall and the arm chairs are 48" tall.  And, as with the chairs above, the arm chairs have different seat heights and arm heights.  All structural joints are pegged mortise and tenon joinery.

Arm chairs: $875.00  Side chairs: $700.00
Chairs come with seats covered in twill, or we will cover in your fabric for $15 per chair.  Leather seats available at additional cost.

Prairie Style Spindle Chair 

Reminiscent of the Frank Lloyd Wright style spindle chair, this chair has one large slat down the entire back flanked by three half inch square spindles on each side.  Neither the spindles nor the slat are attached to the chair frame at the seat level so they are free to flex and bend as you lean back.  This results in a very comfortable back rest than found in most chairs. 

48" tall, 18" seat height, seat is 14-1/2 wide by 16-1/2" deep. Dimensions may be adjusted to fit your individual taste, including the degree to which the back is angled.

$900.00  (2009 price)  Chairs come with seat cushions covered in twill, or we will cover in your fabric for $15 per chair. Leather seats are also available at an additional cost of $50 per chair plus the cost of the leather. 

This is a set of 10 chairs with black leather seats sitting around an old pine farm table.  A close up of the arm chair to the right in the above photo is at the bottom of the right column.


This is the companion arm chair to the chairs sitting around the farm table to the left.  Note that the arm chairs have slats and spindles under the arms and between the seat rail and the lower stretcher.

As shown above the arm chair is $1,100.00
Without spindles on the sides $1,000.00

A complete set of 8, 6 side chairs and 2 arm chairs (without spindles on the sides) is $9,200.00 in quartersawn white oak.  An even $10,000 in cherry with leather seats. 

Ingram Chair in the Style of Charles Mackintosh

The chair at the left and below was inspired by a chair made by Charles Remey Mackintosh called the Ingram Chair.  Our version  stands 39" high, the seat is 17" wide and 17" deep.  Each chair is made to  order so dimensions can vary depending on your personal taste.  In our version all the structural joints are pegged mortise and tenon construction. 

In Quartersawn Oak: $975.00     In Cherry:   $995.00 

Price includes padded seat covered in muslin.  Add $15 per chair to cover in  your fabric. Seats can be covered in leather at $75 or more per chair depending on the leather selected.

Dining Room Chairs

These 6 chairs were made as a matching set for the extension table shown on our New Table page.  The backs are 48 inches high.  The arm chairs are 18 inches wide in the front while the arm chairs are 21 inches wide. In addition to all mortise and tenon joinery the structural joints of these chairs contain as many as 32 pegs.  The side chairs are $775.00, arm chairs are $900.00. Discounts are available for orders of eight or more chairs.  (2006 pricing)

Straight Back Dining Chairs

These 8 chairs were made to go with a reproduction of a Gustav Stickley trestle table made by the customer.  They are different from most of the chairs we've made in the past in that the backs are flat across.  As with all of our chairs all structural joints are pegged mortise and tenon. 

Side chair: $675.  Arm chair: $800 

Mission Style Slat Back Dining Chair
 The chair on the left (on the right side of this page) is a slightly shorter version of the dining chairs above without the slats below the seat or the horizontal stretcher across the bottom. This chair is 39" high and the seat height is 19".  The seat measures 16-1/2" across the front and 14-1/2" across the back, it is 16" deep.
 Side Chair:  $540.00 in Natural Oak, $565.00 in Natural CherryArm Chair:  $690.00 in Natural Oak, $715.00 in Natural CherryAdd $30.00 per chair for staining.  (2004 prices)Also available in a version that does not taper from front to back for $50 less per chair. 

 Discounts available for orders of 8 or more.


Detail of 3/4" Walnut squares and Walnut pegs in joints.

Another version of the slat back dining chair with arms and drop in seat, but with the arms offset from the front leg.  $775.00 (2004 pricing)


In cherry with clear finish.                Arm chair in Stained Oak with 
                                                      walnut inlay and pegs 

        Side chair in Craftsman Oak            Fayettville Stain with leather 

                Stain with fabric seat.                                seat.

In Quartersawn Oak with clear finish.

Mission Dining Chair

Very similar to the chairs above, this chair is also 39" high, 19" across the front and 17" across the back.  The seat is 16" deep and 18" high.  The inlay pattern is similar to that used on a number of Limbert chairs in the 20's.

Side Chairs - $540 each without walnut inlay, $3060 for a set of 6.
Arm Chairs - $690 each without walnut inlay, $3,875 for a set of six side chairs and 2 arm chairs.  (2004 pricing)

Add $200 per chair for inlay down both the front and back legs.

Matching Settle and Chair

The design of these pieces were based on a 54" Cortland settle, with a slight change to the arms.  The seat cushion on this settle is 72" long and 21" deep. Both pieces are constructed entirely of quartersawn white oak with a medium brown stain (similar to Stickley's Fayettville).  The Front seat rail and the top back rail as well as the front legs at the arms are through mortised.  All structural joints are pegged mortise and tenon joints. 

The seat cushions are wood framed, webbed with coil springs covered with a felt pad, horse hair/hogs hair and a layer of natural cotton.  This is all covered in a muslin and then leather.  The  back cushion starts with a inner coil spring package finished in the manner described above. 

Settle in leather:  $3,450.   In your fabric:  $3,050.  (no back cushions) 
(6" deeper with back cushions:  your fabric:  $3,425.  In leather:  $4,100. 

Chair in leather:  $1,850.   In your fabric:  $1,500.  (2003 pricing)


Prices are for this style settle with seat and back cushions 

Seat and back cushions in your fabric:  $2,925.00 (2004 pricing)

Seat and back cushions in leather:  $3,575.00  (2004 pricing)


Limbert "Style" Settle

The design of this settle was based on a Limbert settle in my showroom with two changes:  six inches longer and six inches deeper.  The seat is 72" wide across the front and 31" deep. 

Compared to the settle above, this settle is mortised through the arms only.  However, again all of the joints are pegged mortise and tenon construction. 

 "Stickley Style" Bar Stool

These stools were made to coordinate with the dining room chairs at the top of the page.  Although only barely visible in these photos, the stools have walnut inlay in the legs and the front stretcher is capped in copper.  Each chair has 20 pegged mortise and tenon joints.  Guaranteed to never come loose. 

The lower image is of a set without backs in leather.  These also have the copper cover on the foot rest.

$695.00 each with back, $550 without back, minimum order of four. Add $95 per stool for leather seats.  Walnut inlay not included.  (2011 pricing)

Add 10% for orders of three or less

Take a 5% discount off total price for orders of 6 or more.

48" Tall Bar Stool

The stool to the left is 48" high in the back with a seat height of 30" compared to a more typical seat height of 25".  Additionaly the stretchers below the seat are all through tenon and a second rear stretcher at the same height as the foot rest. 

As shown it is missing a seat and the copper cladding on the foot rest.

Set of 4, with copper clad foot rest and fabric seat:  $3,600.00 (2004 pricing)


Other Dining Chairs

Shown here are other chairs we've made.

See above for matching settle with back cushions and arm pillows.


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