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Listed on this page are those items of furniture that don't fit into one of the other

categories.  This includes coat racks, medicine cabinets, curio cabinets, wall shelves, etc.
Please contact us at 866-MISSION if you are interested in any of these items or if you have a special item you would like us to make.
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                                                  Built-in Wall Cabinet                                                      

This cabinet was built to fit in a recess in an existing home.  The space was 41" wide so the cabinet was built to be 38" wide by 26" high and 12' deep with glass shelves as shown.  The shelves in the middle are open
with wood doors on the sides, 10"wide.  All materials are quartersawn white oak.

$1,650.00  2019 price
Wall Mounted Turntable Stand

This was designed by the customer for his use.  It is designed to isolate
the turntable from vibrations from external sources or from
people walking nearby.

In the first photo to the left you will see one with a loose piece of wood which is the piece to be mounted to the wall.  The box is then mounted to the back board with cushioning materials to dampen any vibrations that would cause the needle to skip. 

The overall dimensions were approximately 21" wid3 by 18"deep with the top shelf recessed by 3".  The three middle photos show the top shelf, the front with the two drawers close and with one drawer open.

The bottom row shows the cabinet with both drawers open.  The photo below shows the cabinet from an oblique angle showing the through tenons from the top and bottom stretchers on the sides in the front.
  The lower front stretcher has a slight arch.


Audio Cabinet

This cabinet is a slightly smaller version of Stickley's model #89-1128.  The cabinet is 46" high by 25" wide by 20" deep with a single door.  The door pull is by Stickley purchased from Rockler. The top, bottom, side panels and door panel are all splined.  The door frame is mortise and tenon construction.

The stain is similar to Stickley's #054 Aurora.

The photo to the right is the cabinet in its new home.  The additional photos, to the lower right and below show various pieces prior to assembly.

Side panel


Variations in color are due to differences in lighting. 


Five Drawer Cabinet

This cabinet can be used as a serving piece in your dining room, in the kitchen as a storage cabinet or in the bedroom as a night stand or a child's dresser. Construction elements include solid side panels (no plywood), mortise and tenon joinery, splined top with back splash, Stickley drawer handles, "Harvey Ellis" arch and a hand applied (no spray applied vapor thin finishes) finish followed by a hand rubbed wax.

As shown it is 34" high, 24" wide and 14" deep with 2 over 3 drawers and Stickley pulls.  The drawers ride on metal rollers but it can also be made with wooden slides for the purest.

$1,950.00  2011 Price

Call us with specific dimensions for a quote.

File Cabinet

Shown here are two different designs of a 2 drawer file cabinet.  One was designed to accompany a Prairie style desk and desk chair shown on  our Prairie Style Furniture page.  Notice the alternating "slats" and "spindles" on the side of the cabinet mimicking the slats and spindles in the chair back and in the base of the desk.

The other cabinet is a plain file cabinet in the Stickley style with two important differences.  First a typical Stickley file cabinet is 31-1/2 inches high, ours is 30 inches and is therefore the same height as a standard desk.  Secondly the top is 17 inches with, while the cabinet is 16-5/8 inches wide.  In other words the top overhangs the base by a scant 3/16 inch on either side.  On a typical Stickley file cabinet the top overhangs the base by a full inch on either side which leaves a gap of 2 inches between two cabinets when place side by side.  We don't waste the space.

Please note that these photos were taken on a not so flat piece of ground so the drawers weren't setting square in the case, hence the odd fit of the drawers in the cabinet.  Also, these were made to sit next to a desk that is 30 inches deep, so the tops are 30 inches deep while the cabinet is only 27 inches deep.

Two drawer:  $925.00
Four drawer:  $1,700.00
Two drawer Prairie Style:  $1,125.00
Four drawer Prairie Style: $1,950.00  2011 Prices

Add $20.00 per drawer for locks.

Four Door, Double Sided, Display Cabinet

This piece was specifically designed for a customer who wanted to match an existing piece of L&JG Stickley furniture (89-91-704 Double Door Bookcase) but was using it as a room divider and wanted doors on both sides for access and viewing.  Two were built with the top overhang on one end only as they abut a wall and form an opening between two rooms.  (Photo taken with one cabinet standing in front of the other) 

54" high and 49" wide by 13" deep.  Top is 50" by 15". 

$4,750.00 each   2011 price

Two Piece China Cabinet

Standing over 85" high and 56" wide the top section of this china cabinet is 14" deep with three glass shelves.  The three tier cornice is 58" across. 

The design  for the glass doors was adapted from the display cabinet shown above.  The bottom section is also 56" wide but only 36" high and 16" deep.  The top fits down over metal pins in the top of the lower section to hold it in place. Pegged mortised joints at every corner. 

$7,750.00   2011 Price


This China cabinet was originally made to be free standing like the one above and to fit into a niche in the wall.  The owners had their carpenter frame it out to  look built-in. 

Made of solid quartersawn white oak it is a two piece unit with three doors and one drawer on the lower section, a 18' high open space on top with three doors in front of glass shelves above, with lighting.  The doors were proportioned to a Stickley 3 door bookcase in an adjoining room.  Stickley hardware. 

$8,500.00  2011 price


Plate Rack    This plate rack is 58" wide and 22" tall.  It has 2 shelves, one at the bottom and one just below the lower opening.  There is a retaining rail about 4" above the upper shelf.  Other widths available.  As shown $895.00.  ($975.00 with beveled mirror in the lower section.)  2011 Prices.  Hanger system is designed to mount solidly to the wall, but removable.


Roughly the same size as the plate rack to the left, this  piece is made from solid cherry with a "board and batten" effect in the lower section and a much deeper section (2-1/2") behind the rail. $825.00 as shown, $895.00 with beveled glass in the lower section.  2011 Prices.


This sturdy Mission style Mantelpiece fits right in with today's built in fireplaces found in most new homes. E-mail the dimensions of your fireplace and the wall it is on and we will do the rest. 

$425.00 (2004 price)

Fireplace Mantel

This piece was built to fit over an existing slate mantel imbedded in the stone wall.  It is 88" long, 8 " deep and about 9" high.

$995.00 (2011 price)

Mirrored Wall Shelf

This item can be used over a bed, over a small table, as a mantelpiece, over a sideboard or all by itself. You pick the spot and we will work with you to establish the best size to fit the occasion. 

$525 W/ Beveled Glass Mirror

bedshlf.jpg (18503 bytes)

Specialty Mantle:  This piece is 15" deep, about 12" high at the corners and over 5' long and contains an 8" square tile in the center.  It was made to set down over an existing brick fireplace.  Call with the dimensions of your fireplace for pricing.
Corner Curio Cabinet
This cabinet is 24 inches wide on the two sides against the wall and projects forward about six inches from the wall.  The door has solid hand hammered copper hardware and two panes of glass.  A six over six door is also available.  Lighting is provided be six low voltage 20w halogen lamps hidden in the corners and are not visible from the front. 


$2,950.00 without lighting

curio1-c.jpg (33484 bytes)


Medicine Cabinet (for external wall mounting)

This medicine cabinet is 26-3/4" high, 16-3/4" wide and 6" deep.  The open shelf is 4" high.  As shown it does not contain the mirror.  It is made of solid quartersawn oak except for the back panel and the panel behind the mirror.  These are oak faced plywood with quartersawn oak veneer on the inside of the door and the inside of the back.  The shelves are 1/2" solid quartersawn oak and the position of the two shelves is adjustable. 

$495.00 plus shipping (without mirror).

Other sizes, colors and designs available (including internal wall mounted units.

The two door model with solid doors is 30" high, 8" deep and 24" wide.  It also comes with 2 glass shelves and an open shelf on the bottom. $595.00 plus shipping

Also available with solid mirrored doors.

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